A Closer Look at Gullet House, Devon

Gullet House, Devon

As one of the world’s largest real estate firms, Savills has its share of exceptional properties. Established in 1855, Savills has grown to more than 200 offices and associates globally, making it one of the first choices for those seeking an exclusive home wherever they’re based. Some of the most luxurious properties on Savills’ books can be found in its Global Portfolio, which range from city-centre apartments in Monaco and New York to rustic chateaux in the vineyards of France.

Gullet House in South Pool, is a fine example of the range of properties Savills offers for sale in Devon and is a perfect example of the unique treasures one can find in the Global Portfolio. Located on a peninsula between South Pool Creek and Goodshelter Creek, this opulent Arts & Crafts offers complete waterfront seclusion amid 45 acres of magical British countryside. The 9,000 sq ft main house, inspired by the designs of Gertrude Jekyll and Sir Edwin Lutyens, is sheltered both from the public and the prevailing winds by the hillside it is built into.

It features seven bedrooms and five bathrooms, including a three-room master suite, a
kitchen, staff flat and four reception rooms. The biggest highlight for those who really like to
entertain, however, is the 3,000 sq ft Home Barn at the rear of the house, which is appointed
with a 47 ft ballroom, beamed ceiling, minstrel’s gallery and a huge open fireplace. The
formal gardens surrounding the property provide a vantage point for enjoying the waterfront
view, while a walled cutting garden at the rear also provides cover for the swimming pool.

The estate itself runs to another six cottages, two sets of farm buildings and an old creamery,
a legacy from the time Gullet House was home to a sizeable dairy herd of Ayrshire cows.
Boating enthusiasts are also indulged by a private jetty and boat house, with a leased
foreshore included with the estate. The land rises up to 260 ft above sea level in some parts,
affording some superb views of the creeks and surrounding Devon countryside.

Although properties like Gullet House are typically in a class of their own when it comes
to market forces, it is reassuring to know that Devon – and the South Hams in particular –
consistently ranks as one of the UK’s most desirable places to live. A mixture of unspoilt
countryside, a relaxed pace of life and excellent estuaries for sailing and yachting means
there will always be interest in well-appointed Devon homes like Gullet House.