Carly Simon Sells Out

Looks like Carly Simon is getting out of her West Village co-op. She listed the two-bedroom duplex with her sister, Joanna Simon for $3.8 million.

The NY Post reports that she’s mostly living in Martha’s Vineyard anyway, so what’s the point? Of course, they also report that Carly used her “unique style and taste” on the place. Oh, really? Shall we take a look at the few pics we could find?

268922 46 Commerce St  2 Lr1 J Simon Web

First, what the heck is that under the TV? Not the fireplace, but… is that seating? Why would anyone put seating there? I hope we’re just seeing things and it’s not a couple of bench seats (built in, no less). I don’t know if it’s the brick color or what, but something about that living room just seems off. Maybe it’s because we hate that style of curtain?

268922 46 Commerce St  2 Kitch21 J Simon Web

The kitchen is a little better. Clever use of the space under the stairs. And while open shelving may be great for some people, I don’t like it. Too much to clean if you cook something messy (like bacon… mmmm, bacon). But it’s certainly a functional kitchen.

268922 46 Commerce St  2 Br1 J Simon Web

This bedroom certainly is cozy. But what is the deal with the bed? And the material draped all over one side only? Just odd and slightly irritating. If you want a funny draped material story, make sure you check out the Real Estalker’s take on it. Anyway, we’re really not fans of the whole “let’s drape some material around the room to add color and texture.”

268922 46 Commerce St  2 Sitrm1 J Simon Web

Oh, but we saved the best for last. What. The. Hell. There is a tub in the middle of the room. And it doesn’t just look like it’s there for decoration. Now we don’t know about you all, but that’s just a little bit “too” intimate for our tastes.

While we’re not big fans of Ms. Simon’s decorating sensibilities (we’re sure someone out there will love it), we certainly can’t say the same about her music. Who isn’t a fan of at least some of her music?