Cary Grant Palm Springs estate for sale

Lg 928-Avenida-Palmas2The great movie legends are what made me fall in love with the big screen. And one of the greatest was Cary Grant. His Palm Springs home is for sale. Talk about a piece of movie history. This 6 bedroom, 5 1/2 bath home was his retreat for 20 years. Built in 1927, this 6,000 square foot home has hit the market at $4,995,000.

The home is in the Movie Colony of Palm Springs. It’s a replica of a Spanish farmhouse. This baby has 5 fireplaces, guest wings, a studio, two driveways, and is walled and gated. Of course, you can see the beautiful pool in the pics. Who wouldn’t want a pool in Palm Springs?

There aren’t many of these 1920s Spanish-style homes left in Palm Springs. That’s too bad, because they really are a piece of the area’s history. Wood floors, tile, exposed celling beams add to the feel of the house. We’re not a big fan of some of the details, which remind us more of a Southwest decor rather than Andalusian Spanish, as the listing touts. Details! It looks like, in some pics, an old Western movie set. But, we’re not the Spanish colonial connoisseur who restored the place, now are we? (Really, it’s only a few of the details that strike us as odd – not the entire place.)

Still, it is a great part of movie history. Who doesn’t remember all of the stories about Cary Grant? Who hasn’t seen some of his movies? That paints a little more rose-colored view of the house, doesn’t it?

I always dreamed about owning an estate in Palm Springs. It has always held such a glamorous sheen in my mind. So hop to it, children! At just under $5 million, this 1.5 acre place probably won’t last.