Chers Luxury Properties Go to Auction


Unlike the unfortunate Nicholas Cage, who is losing several properties to foreclosure auctions, Cher is also auctioning off some property – but not under duress it would appear. Cher has selected Concierge Auctions to auction her property at the Hualalai Resort, on the exclusive Kona-Kohala Coast in Hawaii, on Monday, January 18th, the company announced.  […]

Nicholas Cage Homes Go to Foreclosure Auction in New Orleans

Midford Castle - Nicholas Cage Selling?

Ouch! Two luxury homes in New Orleans owned by actor Nicholas Cage have been seized and placed up for auction after a local lender foreclosed on them. Things are a little messy as the homes already have $6.6 million worth of liens on them courtesy the Internal Revenue Service. Cage is apparently blaming his current […]

Luxury home in the Hamptons Bernie Madoffs summer beach house up for auction

If the following video shows anything, it is that having millions of dollars lying around does not buy you taste. This is a recent video of Bernie Madoff’s luxury beach house in the Hamptons (Montauk Point in fact) that is being auctioned off by the FBI. Apparently the Government Inc thinks the property is worth […]

Google Co Founder Larry Page to Build Eco Home


Google co-founder Larry ‘Mr Green’ Page is planning to apply for a permit to build a new, nearly 6,000-square-foot “eco-friendly house,” in Palo Alto, CA. The new lot is adjacent to the historic property where, according to neighbors, he currently lives. The modern, two-story home will be sited nearly in the middle, with many of […]

Celebrities Losing $110k a Week on Dubai Mansions


The Daily Mirror, a British tabloid has reported that, “Celebs losing £80K a week on their Dubai mansions,” as Dubai’s property market goes into a tailspin. It is a rather entertaining piece of………. I hesitate to use the word “journalism,” but can’t really come up with an appropriate alternative. The article reads, Stars including David […]