Daniel Radcliffe Buys in New York; Harry Potter Fans Rejoice

danradcliffe.jpgTeen girls everywhere swooned recently as Daniel Radcliffe bought a three-bedroom luxury condo in Manhattan. Radcliffe, best known for his role as Harry Potter in the wizard-themed movies, paid $4.9 million for the condo in the Morton Square development. While he already bought a condo in Soho, rumor has it that he’ll actually live at Morton Square while he works on Broadway in the play "Equus" this fall.

For those of you with short memories, "Equus" was the play that caused a lot of controversy when it was revealed (literally) that Radcliffe appears in the play naked. With a horse. Parents of Harry Potter fans had a fit as they worried their precious kiddies would find naked pictures as they surfed the web for the latest Potter news. Meanwhile, Radcliffe was more concerned about being typecast as a boy-wizard. Apparently he really broke out of that mold. Ahem.

Radcliffe’s new place has a view of New York Harbor, marble and granite counters, and a 500-bottle wine cellar. Considering that Daniel is still only 18, we wonder if the has any plans for that wine cellar. At best, it seems someone else will have to stock for him, won’t they? I wonder if said person would get prosecuted for buying alcohol for someone underage? That would make for some interesting gossip, wouldn’t it?

His Soho property was bought under a company and rented out, so it sounds like it was purely an investment. But the Big Time Listings blog reports that this latest purchase was made under his own name.

Since the location of Morton Square isn’t a secret, one wonders if little Harry Potter fans will sit on the doorstep before the play (not after, since it probably gets out past their bedtime) opens each night, hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite wizard? One can only hope that the little muggles will be safely at home and in bed instead of becoming celeb-stalkers.

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