Ed McMahon Faces Foreclosure

mcmahon homeIt looks like Ed McMahon faces foreclosure on his 7,013-square-foot Beverly Hills home. Countrywide Financial Corp. is starting proceedings due to McMahon’s reported $644,000 past due. As we mentioned previously, McMahon’s home has been on the market since July 2006. He has lowered the price from $7.7 million down to $5.7 million.

McMahon broke his neck about 18 months ago and hasn’t been able to work since. That could easily wipe out a large bank account, couldn’t it my pretties? Poor McMahon — 85-years-old and about to lose his beloved home.

As we do a little more research, we find that McMahon’s home once flooded and subsequently filled with toxic mold. He insists that they gutted the place and got rid of any mold. But that may explain why buyers are avoiding the house, no matter how much redecorating they’ve done.

Really, darlings, I just feel sorry for the man. How terrible to be in your golden years, facing serious health problems, declining finances, and a very public foreclosure battle. Maybe he should enter the Publisher’s Clearinghouse sweepstakes?