Garth and Trisha buy in Malibu

Brooksmalibu1Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, both country music superstars, have bought a house in Malibu. According to the LA TImes, the purchase price wasn’t disclosed, but the home was listed at $5.45 million.

This new house, at about 3,700 square feet seems, well, a little small for the Oklahoma native. His house near Owasso sits on 2,400 acres and looks like a village. But the house in Malibu has something the Owasso house doesn’t: a half acre and Pacific Ocean beach access.

Pictures show a nice little patio in the back of the new home, with plenty of yard for Brooks’ rugrats to play in. The master bedroom has two sets of french doors that open onto part of the patio. With lots of light and vaulted ceilings, the master suite has a nice feeling of space. We like, except for the 4-poster bed. (Not a fan.)

When you get to the living room (or maybe it’s a den), though, you can start to see the house’s age. It was built in 1958. Although the brick fireplace and built-in sideboard are nice enough, they look a bit dated. Or maybe it’s the couch, chairs, and coffee table that add to the dated look.

The kitchen, on the other hand, looks like it has been redone. The high windows and skylight bring in a lot of natural light. The countertops, island, and 6-burner stove make us drool just a tiny bit. And we even like the old-style cabinet on the back wall of the kitchen. Gives it almost a country feel. The dining room has three sets of french doors that open onto the patio. Again, lots of light really keeps this room from being drab and too beige.

The second living room – or whatever it is -also has the high windows for plenty of light. We’re not so sure about the tile, though. We’d prefer the wood floors of the master suite. At least it’s much less out-of-style than the other living room was.

Even if you’re not a fan of country music, you’ve probably heard of Brooks. He’s the top-selling solo artist of the 20th century. His free concert in Central Park in 1997 was reportedly one of the most well-attended Central Park concerts ever. Many of his albums went platinum multiple times.

Brooks divorced his wife, Sandra, in 2001. After that quieted down, he started dating Yearwood. There had been rumors of an affair for years, but both deny it. Even if there was no affair, you could tell Brooks felt something for Yearwood just based on the way he talked about her in interviews. He had nothing but high praise and a good dose of affection for her. They married in 2005.