Keep your basement and foundations dry and safe

2013 - Chicago's wettest April on Record

2013 – Chicago’s wettest April on Record

Homes with basements and cellars can be troublesome in problematic weather, and this is especially true where older, more historic, properties are involved. Foundations shift due to natural movement of the earth, and all buildings need essential maintenance from time to time. Leaving damp cellars untended can be damaging to the building as a whole, so it pays to keep things under control at all times. Anyone who suspects their basement may be in need of attention, or that their foundations are damaged, needs to seek expert help, and as quickly as possible.

One area that is always essential is basement waterproofing; this skilled and highly technical work needs to be carried out by an expert, and there are many around who can offer the help and advice necessary. The best practitioners are those who have many years of experience in the field, as they tend to be the people who have access to the latest and most appropriate methods of repairing leaky basements. The problem can be caused by many different factors and, as such, it is essential that the company doing the job tackles the right problem in the right way.

In the most serious of cases there may be a need for the installation of sump pumps; these are electrically powered pumps that are designed to remove all the water from waterlogged basements. They are installed by experts with a prior understanding of where they are best fitted and of which type may be the best one for each individual case. Pumps are used to physically drain the water from the basement or cellar; they can be switched on and off as and when needed, or simply left in constant use in the most extreme cases. These devices have evolved greatly across the years and are safe, secure and very simple to use – but do get an expert to fit it as it can be a tricky proposition. It is also worth noting that the installation of a sump pump will most likely be done alongside a new waterproofing course for the best effect.

One of the most concerning problems associated with homes and buildings is that of damaged or ill-maintained foundations. All buildings are subject to change over years, and water and the status of the land the property is built upon can lead to damaged or faulty foundations, which in turn can cause damage to a property that – if not dealt with – can be severe. In this case it is essential to seek the advice of experts with experience in foundation repair, as leaving the problem to itself can result in very expensive structural problems. The type of repair needed depends upon the cause of the fault and how severe the damage is. An expert in the field will be able to assess exactly what sort of treatment is needed.

The foundations of a house are important, and even in a minor state of disrepair can lead to exaggerated problems if left in a poor state. The same is true of wet basements, where the damp can have a lasting effect on the foundations and the structure of the building. If you suspect problems with a basement or your homes’ foundations, make sure you get expert advice as soon as you can.