Luxury Real Estate – Christmas Trees and Decorations

The most expensive real estate in the World – demands the best Christmas decorations. Whether it be diamond-studded tree, or a solid gold tree, or outrageous crystal ornaments.

Most Expensive Christmas Trees in the World

This first one was produced by Singapore jeweler Soo Kee Jewelery and was, at the time, the most expensive tree ever produced. Encrusted with 21,798 diamonds totaling 913 carats, 3,762 crystal beads and decorated with 456 lights., the tree is almost 20 foot tall and weighs over 7,000 pounds – Price – $1,005,000

Million DOllar Christmas Tree

Million Dollar Christmas Tree

The tree was on display in the Burgis Junction shopping Mall in Singapore, and I understand from one of my Singaporean friends that it was not sold, but instead broken up after Christmas. “Who in their right mind would buy that tree?” said one of the sales assistants at Soo Kee.

This next one was produced by Japanese jeweler, Ginza Tanaka in 2006. 21 kt gold, and at a mere $850,000, possibly the third-most expensive Christmas tree in the world. The way gold prices are going, it might actually be worth melting it down…….

Gold Christmas Tree

Gold Christmas Tree

And if anyone is thinking that perhaps we have lost the whole meaning of Christmas in these efforts of some to produce the “most expensive,” I would not contradict you. This next tree doesn’t really look like a Christmas tree, but I have included it anyway. Takashimaya, a Japanese department store was selling this “Christmas tree,” last year for the staggering sum of $1.8 million. Based on a design by Parisian flower boutique, Claude Quincaud, the tree stands just 16 inches tall, and is made from 400 diamonds. Teddy Bear included.

Diamond Studded Christmas Tree

Diamond Studded Christmas Tree

Insanely expensive Christmas Tree

Insanely expensive Christmas Tree

It is hard to work out how something this tacky could possibly be this expensive, but there is no accounting for taste, I suppose. Not sure who, if anyone, bought it, but I am sure somewhere there is a very spoiled small child at risk from swallowing the nice shiny things stuck in the “petals.”

This year’s most expensive Christmas tree also went on display in Japan recently, in the Ginza Tanaka jewelry store in  Shinsaibashi, Osaka. A 24 kt gold diamond-studded tree weighing over 46 pounds and strung with pearls. Price – $1.48 million. Second place.

1.5 million dollar christmas tree

1.5 million dollar Christmas tree

Most expensive Christmas Tree in Europe

This tree was on display in Berlin’s Haupfbahnhof in 2006.

Swarovski Christmas Tree Berlin 2007

Swarovski Christmas Tree Berlin 2006

Covered in Swarovski crystals. 40,000 Swarovski crystals to be precise. Getting them on and off must have been entertaining. For some reason, they did not repeat the event in 2007.

Although, there is also some argument that the Capitol Christmas tree is actually more expensive than these. The State of Idaho claimed the tree they supplied in 2003 cost a million dollars to cut, ship and place on display outside the White house. What with inflation….

Seeing as the government has given all their money to the banks now, it is fortunate that the Capitol’s tree is supplied free every year. This year’s comes from the Bitterroot National Forest in Montana. It even has it’s own song. The 144-year-old tree traveled 4,200 miles by road and, entertainingly, will be decorated with 10,000 energy saving LEDS. For the energy saving……

Capitol Christmas Tree

Capitol Christmas Tree

Unusual Christmas Trees

If any nation is more fanatical about Christmas Trees than Germany, I would be very surprised. The Japanese go for the “most expensive,” every time, but the Germans go for just about everything else. Being a chocolate fan, this is probably my favorite.

Chocolate Christmas Tree

Chocolate Christmas Tree

I swear I didn’t take that bite. These next ones are from an art gallery in Germany that does a Christmas Tree exhibition every year. And yes, that is a snow tire that cuts Christmas tree shapes out of the snow.

Tallest Christmas Tree in Europe

But if the Germans go for most artistic, for some reason, the Portuguese go for tallest. The tallest Christmas tree in Europe is this 280 ton, 76 meter tall tree in Porto. This is the lighting ceremony. Not quite as tall as they has in 2006, but apparently it would have interfered with aircraft landing at the local airport if it had been any taller.


Most Pathetic Christmas Tree in Europe

Further down the magnificence chain, this tree has been voted Britain’s most pathetic Christmas tree by local residents in Peterlee, County Durham. Apparently, the tree arrived, and to the disgust of the Mall owners, was almost threadbare,  but it was too late to cancel and return it as a pop singer was booked and ready to turn the lights on. All fifteen of them. Oh, well, maybe next year…..

Britain's most pathetic Christmas tree

Britain’s most pathetic Christmas Tree

Most Expensive Christmas Tree Ornaments

This one is arguably the world’s most expensive Christmas ornament. Produced by Krebs Glass in Germany, the bauble is decorated with solid 12kt gold and 120 VS1 diamonds with a total weight of 5.1 carats. Price – $31,000. Don’t drop it.

Most expensive Christmas Tree Bauble

Most expensive Christmas Tree Bauble ?

A “little” less expensive, once again Messrs Swarovski, produce a staggering array of Christmas ornaments. This Angel figurine runs for around $250. The ones in the gallery underneath range from $45 or so. Although the angel in the gallery looks disturbingly as though it is being “hanged,” rather than “hung.” 😀

Crystal Angel

Crystal Angel

I have to say, these new decorations lack a certain something when compared to vintage ornaments. These are all either for sale or have been sold recently and are somewhat more expensive than the current crop of baubles. Somewhat more detailed also. This first one sold for $400.Click on the image for a more detailed view.

Vintage Christmas Tree Ornaments

Vintage Christmas Tree Ornaments

This next batch of vintage ornaments are known as “Patriotic,” ornaments, for obvious reasons. These range in price from $200-$400.

And finally, this is this year’s Capitol Christmas Tree being lighted, which seems like a good place to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 🙂


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