Mitt Romney Comes to La Jolla

086011437 0Looks like Mitt and Ann Romney have some new digs in the San Diego area – beachfront La Jolla to be exact. That’s not easy to find, and it’s not cheap. (It’s also practically in our back yard, thankyouverymuch.)

By not cheap, we mean $12 million. And by La Jolla we mean the hoity-toity part of town. For the rich folks.

The house has just over 3,000 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 5 baths. And with almost a 1/2 acre, we’re talking quite a spread for the area. Additionally, it has a lap pool and spa, a garage, and amazing views of the Pacific.

But what is it with the white walls and beige carpet everywhere? Give us some hard wood floors, really nice tile and some color for heaven’s sake. It makes it look like a rental. Or a museum. Let’s hope the Romneys do some redecorating.

The San Diego UT (Union-Tribune) wonders if Romney is establishing residency so he can run for Governator when Ahnold is through with the job. I guess we’ll have to just wait and see on that one, but it’s an interesting bit of speculation.

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  1. As a native born and bred La Jollan all I can say is. Please go away. You’re not wanted and you take away from the class that is La Jolla.

  2. Does that go for his friends the Millers, too?

  3. Jeremy Bliler says:

    As a native born and bred in La Jollan?? Did you inheret all your money?? Mitt Romney has provided more opportunity than most business leaders – THOUSANDS of jobs. I think you my friend need to consider your roots and how you made money! On the other hand, I live in La Jolla as well and welcome him, it is an honor to live in the same neighborhood as this genius!

  4. Jeremy Bliler says:

    I think you meant to say Newport HAHA, not La Jolla. :-)

  5. Joann and Bill Ashton says:

    Welcome to CA Mitt. Here’s hoping you can do something to turn this state and it’s people around. Or perhaps we can separate the state, and start our own country with you at the helm and Boehner as your V.P. What a team you two would make – and throw McClintock in with the 2 of you and all of that honesty and we could really have a nice conservative Haven of morals and Principals. WE live in Brentwood, in Contra Cost County, but vacation in La Jolla so it would be nice running into you sometime. I certainly voted for you in the primaries and am sick at the outcome of this last election. I hope they treat you well in La Jolla – I think they are mostly liberal there—or many seem to be–

  6. The first big swell will scare them away. Surf in front with pro-health care posters.

  7. Darrell says:

    Mitt Romney IS pro-Government Health Care, Dude!

  8. James Graves says:

    From my perspective, I’m quite happy to have him here. I happen to agree with many of his ideas. Not all. But then I could say the same about my current neighbors.

  9. Mitt has presided over the elimination of THOUSANDS of jobs – fixed that for you. Although I wouldn’t imagine any Brentwood residents hurting too much over that fact. The Haven of morals and Principals to which the Ashtons refer most likely excludes 90% of humanity. But that’s ok…as long as their wallet’s fat.

  10. Bryant Ford says:

    3,000 square ft and a .5 acre is pretty small It must be the location that costs so much. I like the sales pictures. Realators are very good at dressing things up.

  11. Don’t get much house for the money there, do you? That said, the view is lovely.

  12. “Let’s hope the Romneys do some redecorating.”


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