Luxury Real Estate News 01/27

Obviously the big news this week is the biggest foreclosure in history – the $5 billion collapse of the Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper village developments from rent-controlled, war-vet apartments into luxury condos. The investors in the deal are slowly coming to light and the New York Times has some of them listed here: In […]

Luxury homes for sale in Las Vegas

MGM Mirage directors sued

Ouch! The president of the “Luxury Homes Group,” a Las Vegas- based luxury real estate company has just listed his 6,600+ sqft home for sale on Innisbrook Avenue for $1.299 million. Mr Morco Kozlowski paid $2.3 million for the property back in 2006, and the property was foreclosed upon in March for $1,45 million, which […]

Donald Trump (Mr. Litigious) Files Lawsuit Against Baja Developer Wiltshire

32 million dollar hole

Donald Trump is heading back to court once again as he has just filed suit against Los Angeles developer¬† Irongate Wiltshire for failing to build the much-publicized Trump Ocean Resort Baja Mexico. We recently pointed out that it is unlikely the Trump Empire will get much done this year as it seems Mr. Trump will […]

Trump Entertainment Files Chapter 11 (that’s not very Presidential)


I didn’t realize just how prophetic I was being when I suggested that Donald Trump will have a fruitless 2009 as he looked like spending the year in front of a judge defending one court case or another. Trump Entertainment Resorts Inc, Donald Trump’s casino group, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Tuesday, court […]

Donald (Make America White Again) Trump’s Plans for Scottish Golf Development in Doubt

Who is getting fired next year?

It seems as though Donald Trump’s heavily disputed golf development in the Scottish wilderness may now be in some doubt. Despite claims from the Trump camp that financing is not an issue, problems in several other areas of Mr. Trump’s business interests may have an effect. Trump was finally given permission to build what he […]