UK Government Policy Likely To Increase Bank Repossessions

Over the last three months we have heard nothing but bad news concerning the UK recession and with the conservative/lib dem government’s economic blinkers firmly in position, it’s anticipated that there will be a much higher rate of bank repossessions in the future as we nose-dive into an almost certain double dip recession. Today’s reports […]

Luxury homes for sale in Las Vegas

MGM Mirage directors sued

Ouch! The president of the “Luxury Homes Group,” a Las Vegas- based luxury real estate company has just listed his 6,600+ sqft home for sale on Innisbrook Avenue for $1.299 million. Mr Morco Kozlowski paid $2.3 million for the property back in 2006, and the property was foreclosed upon in March for $1,45 million, which […]

Most Expensive Foreclosure in Chicago

A home in Barrington Hills has earned the dubious distinction of “Chicago’s most expensive foreclosure.” The home in question previously earned the title of “Chicago’s most expensive home sale,” in 2006. Three years and one financial crisis later and the owner’s have defaulted on the loan. Horizon Farms estate at 311 Algonquin Road was purchased […]

Most Expensive Foreclosure of 2009 – So far


Melville House, in Fife near Edinburgh, Scotland has been awarded the dubious honor of Scotland’s “most expensive foreclosure sale,” becoming one of the most expensive bank owned properties in the UK. (Private residences that is. ) It may possibly be the most expensive foreclosure in the world, although I am open to information otherwise and […]

More bad news for the Tamarack ski resort


The financially-troubled Tamarack ski resort development faces yet another issue as Bank of America threatened to remove two ski lifts when lease payments fell into arrears. Bank of America started foreclosure proceedings on a three building conference centre, and Stirling Bank started similar proceedings on an employee housing facility. There are sheriff’s sales scheduled for […]