Luxury Hotel Complex Recieves City Bailout

Luxury Hotel Complex gets $8 million "loan" from city council

While the Federal Government Inc is busy bailing out the financial institutions, further down the food chain, bailouts for luxury developments at the state and city level are becoming the norm. The unfortunate necessity of these bailouts is presenting a quandary for all concerned. The intention of the city councils when they allowed these luxury […]

Luxury Home in Florida to be Auctioned Off


Concierge Auctions will conduct a luxury real estate auction of a 5,590 square-foot home in the exclusive golf and country club community of Isleworth near Orlando, Florida on April 4. Located at 9815 Laurel Valley Drive, the property was originally listed for $3.495 million and then reduced to $1.75 million, but has failed to sell. […]

Luxury Home Builders Turn Mortgage Brokers and Insurance Agents

Toll Brothers Insurance Company Inc

Two new schemes from luxury home builders aimed at bolstering the market have just been announced, one in the UK and one in the USA. Toll brothers, one of the largest luxury home builders in the US, announced their “mortgage protection plan,” this week. According to their press release: “The Mortgage Protection Plan is provided […]

Terrazas De Coson – Luxury with an “Eco-chic” lifestyle


According to Terazas de Coson, “life in the Dominican Republic just got a little greener.” I make no comment on the “green-ness” or otherwise of a resort that must be traveled thousands of miles to to be enjoyed, but this one does seem to be making more of an effort than the usual “sustainable,” claims […]

Burj Dubai Reaches Final Height

Burj Dubai Tower Reaches final Height

The Burj Dubai has reached its final height of 818 meters. The final height had been kept secret until last week, presumably in an effort to keep competitors on their toes, although all of the possible competition for the world’s tallest tower have now been cancelled courtesy the credit crunch. The Burj Dubai is currently […]