Luxury Lifestyle Resort in Thailand offers Guaranteed ROI

West Sands Luxury Resort in Phuket Thailand

A “luxury lifestyle resort” in Phuket, Thailand is offering a guaranteed 10% return on investment for five years as an incentive to woo reluctant buyers. The West Sands Resort was launched mid-2008 and includes 98 villas, 336 condominiums and a water park. They won two “Thailand Property Awards” for their commitment to being environmentally friendly […]

Rare Diamond sells for record price

Record price reached at auction

Well, the real estate world may be struggling a little right now, but it seems that demand for rare diamonds is as strong as ever. Christie’s auction house has just sold the Wittelsbach diamond for the record breaking sum of £16.39 million. ($24.3 million) The diamond sold for well above the pre sale estimate of […]

Luxury Real Estate – Christmas Trees and Decorations

Million DOllar Christmas Tree

The most expensive real estate in the World – demands the best Christmas decorations. Whether it be diamond-studded tree, or a solid gold tree, or outrageous crystal ornaments. Most Expensive Christmas Trees in the World This first one was produced by Singapore jeweler Soo Kee Jewelery and was, at the time, the most expensive tree […]

Millionaires Hurting in Moscow

Moscow Millionaires Fair Opening

This year’s millionaires fair in Moscow was what could best be described as “a disaster.” Even an offer to “Buy one get one free,” on luxury yachts failed to attract any buyers.As recently as this summer, it seemed every Russian millionaire worth his salt needed a minimum of three yachts (one for each girlfriend presumably,) […]

Most Expensive iPhone Earphones released

Most expensive iPhone earphones

If listening to property developers complain about how unfair the government bailout’s have been to them and financiers giving up a whole year’s bonuses, after helping to push the entire world into economic recession is starting to get you down, fear not, I have the perfect picker-upper. The world’s most expensive iPhone earphones (or any […]

For Sale – One Careful Owner – Megalomaniacs Super Yacht – Saddam Hussein’s Yacht

Ocean Breeze

Saddam Hussein’s yacht “Ocean Breeze,” has finally been allowed to be put up for sale. Ownership disputes have finally concluded and it is ruled to belong to Iraq. Far be it for me to wonder who actually gets the money, but the yacht is now officially for sale at $35 million. Compared to recent mega-yachts […]

Aston Martin one 77 Takes “The Most Expensive Car in the World” Title

Aston Martin one77

At least one automobile manufacturer does not appear worried about the financial crisis, oil prices or pesky environmental concerns. Aston Martin revealed the latest addition to their range at the Paris Motor Show this week. Introducing the “Most expensive car in the World” – The limited edition Aston Martin one-77 Just one hundred will be […]

Luxury Real Estate In Mumbai – Gated Communities and Luxury Fitments

Luxury Apartments in Mumbai

Indians today have a keen understanding of global trends and are becoming rather savvy in terms of their lifestyle expectations. It seems as though “luxury mania” has hit the people of Mumbai. No longer are they satisfied or willing to settle for the run of the mill type of apartments. If you have the money, […]

Luxury Trends – Luxury Automobile Makers


Luxury car makers are starting to feel the knock-on effects of the sub-prime crisis. Many people had thought high-end and exotic automobiles would remain as invulnerable to the economic downturn as luxury real estate on the French Riviera and Louis Vuitton bags, but that is beginning to change. Bentley has seen a drop in sales […]

La Leopolda Villa Sale – Update

There is a newer update on the update now  – Russian buyer forced to pull out of purchase of La Leopolda Despite all the guesses and news reports about the price paid for La Leopolda in Villefranche, the latest I am hearing is the price paid was not 500 million Euros It was in fact, […]