Using High Quality Video to Showcase Luxury Real Estate

Much as I make fun of the horrible real estate videos on YouTube, at the other end of the scale are what I consider to be appropriate quality video production. And point to the fact that informational videos can be entertaining as well as factual. LPB_BeestonMedia_512wide Description Program Description Title BM Blog LB This particular […]

Luxury Real Estate – Video The Ultimate Marketing Tool

Many high-class luxury real estate agents and developers are turning to online video to promote their properties. Understandably, as video is obviously the way forward, not just for luxury real estate marketing, but many other types of product and services. Figures recently released by Nielsen show categorically that online video viewing is on the rise, […]

Luxury Real Estate in Tennessee – Most Expensive FSBO?

FSBO, or “For Sale by Owner,” has become a familiar word lately, but I believe I may have come across the most expensive FSBO so far – The Windyhills Estate in Chatanooga. Unless you count Donald Trump’s Palm Beach Mansion, – and he does rather have good access to a network of luxury real estate […]

Luxury Homes Hilton Hyland Worst YouTube Real Estate Videos

This week’s winner nearly didn’t make it because I think I may already have a few out-of-focus slide shows in my collection of worst youtube real estate videos. This luxury home in Hollywood hills is listed at $17.5 million. Watch the video, then see if you agree with my assessment: [youtube][/youtube] Presumably, they are looking […]

Worst Youtube Real Estate Videos – The Sixteen Dollar Slide Show

This weeks worst real estate video is courtesy of Realty Times. Realty Times seems to exists solely to promote the idea that there is no such thing as a subprime crisis, and all the “negative press,” must be bad for your business. In fact, they will guarantee a “positive spin,” if you should choose to […]