Yellowstone Luxury Resort update no7

It would appear that the on-going drama at the Yellowstone residence club is not over after all. Ex co-owners Edra and Tom Blixseth (now divorced) were back in court on Tuesday as Ms. Blixeth’s appealed against the judge’s decision to force her into chapter 7 bankruptcy, meaning the forced, immediate sale of all her personal […]

Luxury Real Estate Developer files for bankruptcy protection

Palmetto Bluff developer files Chapter 11

Another luxury real estate developer has announced it is filing chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Crescent resources – jointly owned by Morgan Stanley and Duke energy – has announced it will file chapter 11. Duke has guaranteed $70 million worth of loans, and the company statement said there would be “minimal impact,” on existing projects, which […]

The Yellowstone Luxury Residence Club Drama Comes to an End

Yellowstone Club sold at auction for $115 million

The saga of Yellowstone, the super-expensive luxury residence club in Montana is finally over. At an auction last week, the less-than-surprising winning bid of $115 million came from CrossHarbor Capital partners. $35 million will be in cash, $80 million a promissory note to Credit Suisse, the original lender. Earlier this month, the Federal judge in […]

Luxury Ski Resort in Montana Delayed – Forever?

The Ski runs are already cut

Tom Maclay has a dream – a luxury destination ski resort on his 3,000-acre property south of Missoula, Montana. Enter financial crisis stage left and the very idea of yet another luxury ski destination funded by the sale of over-priced McMansions has to be very much in doubt. Ski resorts have been dropping like flies […]

Yellowstone Luxury Residence Club – Update

Yellowstone - The Drama Continues

The continuing saga of the Yellowstone luxury residence club seems to be coming to an end. Or does it? Excuse me if I get a little confused, but the convoluted goings-on are better than any soap opera. A quick recap is in order as we have been following this one for some time and it […]