Four Seasons Opens in Vail


Nestled at the base of one of North America’s most acclaimed ski resorts, Four Seasons Resort and Residences Vail, featuring a 121-room resort as well as limited real estate opportunities, has officially opened its doors today, just in time for the holidays. This season, Vail and Four Seasons enthusiasts will delight in the ultimate holiday […]

Luxury Real Estate – Private Aeroplanes

You know you want one.

Should private planes be considered luxury real estate? I think so. Possibly the most expensive real estate ever built, in fact. Any one who has ever flown on a commercial jet and been treated like cattle must have dreamed of owning a private jet. It is hard to imagine a more luxurious, comfortable, personal, splendiferous […]

Historic Luxury Resort in Tuscany Italy

Castello di Casole I think I’m in love. Well, love may not be quite the right word, but I know where I am going for my next vacation. When thinking of Italy, and particularly Tuscany, just about any English or American immediately conjures up images of rolling, vine covered hills and lazy afternoons spent drinking […]

Is Dubai’s Luxury Real Estate Market Finished?


There is no question that Dubai’s luxury real estate market is facing major issues at the moment, despite the constant denials and positive-spin press releases being issued, some developers are facing up to reality, and the number of canceled or delayed projects makes a mockery of announcements of new projects. Dubai would not have offered […]

Macau: The New Vegas

Vegas is the gambling capital of the word right? Wrong, not any more. Macau has eclipsed that traditional American gambling town and then some. Tiny Macau has well and truly become the Las Vegas of the East in fact within 10 years we predict Vegas becoming the Macau of the West! Thanks to steady stream […]