Luxury Tax Increases

Sardinia Drops Luxury Yacht Tax

It would appear the world’s governments have decided that in return for bailing out the banks, we will be needing to pay for this by increased taxes in certain sectors, and what better place to start than the luxury sector? The Australian government passed a new tax law last year, increasing the amount of tax […]

Coldwell Banker For iPhone


Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC announced today that international Coldwell Banker real estate listings in 28 countries including Canada, Australia, Mexico, Italy, Aruba, and Colombia will now be accessible via a customized platform for iPhone and BlackBerry users. When viewed on an iPhone, BlackBerry or other smartphone the Coldwell Banker flagship Web site, has […]

Luxury Real Estate of The Future

Crystal Island Moscow

Our sister blog, Immo-Luxus, Germany picked up on an interesting proposed building in Paris, which prompted me to take a look at some planned luxury real estate around the world. Some of these, thank goodness, will never end up being built, but some of them are already under construction. Le Projet Triangle by Hertzog & […]

Luxury Real Estate – GigaYachts – “A”

Computer rendering Sigma2

Whilst not fitting the term “Luxury real estate,” in the traditional sense of the word, i.e. on land, the current crop of giga-yachts or mega-yachts certainly fall under my definition of the word. Massive, spectacularly-outfitted floating mansions in fact. Conspicuous over consumption? Absolutely. Insanely expensive? Oh yes. Most of the final prices are carefully kept […]

Luxury yacht maker Ferretti launches “Marine Legends” Development in Dubai

Pershing 115' by Ferretti

Ferretti yachts today launched two luxury waterfront residences, “Ferretti Luxury Beach Residence” and “Pershing Luxury Beach Residence”. The freehold ownership project branded as “Marine Legends” is valued at $1.6 billion US. Unsurprisingly, the development is situated on the Waterfront and offers nearly two million square feet of saleable area. A.C.I Real estate have been chosen […]