Spanish Property Developer Kidnaps Bank Manager For Loan

Marbella - Kidnapping Bank Managers Will Not Get You a Loan

A Spanish property developer cracked this week and kidnapped his local bank manager to demand a 50,000 euro loan and the manager’s Rolls Royce. He apparently accosted the bank manager in a car park in Marbella, told him that his family was being held hostage and forced him to drive to a bank in Estepona […]

Rubies are a Girl’s Best Friend

£11 million?

Well a property developers best friend in any case. In what has to be the most entertaining story so far this year, (and we are having a bumber year – see the Yellowstone Residence club debacle) the star of the story is an £11 million Ruby. No ordinary Ruby this apparently. The Story – Shropshire […]

Luxury Property in Dubai – Major Developer Sheds 600 Staff and Interior Photos of the Atlantis Hotel

The Atlantis Hotel in Dubai

The news from Dubai goes from bad to worse. A major luxury property developer has fired around 600 staff. Dubai Properties, whose projects include the Jumeirah Beach Residence and Culture village, have made substantial jobs cuts – as many as 600 staff have been “let go.” Although my current favorite euphemism is “headcount adjustment.” The […]

Luxury Real Estate in the News – Trends around the world

Luxury Property News

Smaller luxury real estate firms are being absorbed by larger rivals as the market goes through a major shakeup. SLT today reports that Janet McAfee Inc has taken over Edward L. Bakewell Inc, in St Louis. Both firms serve the luxury property segment in St. Louis and St. Louis county. This trend is continuing around […]

Luxury Homes in Slovakia drop 40% in Price Overnight

Artists' rendition of the River Park Complex in Slovakia

A luxury property developer in Bratislava has slashed prices of a luxury housing project by 40% Much to the ire of other local luxury property developers, J&T real estate have reduced the prices of luxury apartments in their “River Park,” complex in Bratislava by 40 percent. Overnight on November 11th.  River Park is a luxury […]