4 Questions to ask yourself before getting a Real Estate Video – Updated

What do theme parks and real estate marketing have in common? Well, they each feature an assortment of rides to excite our senses and make us come back for more. Yet, it dumbfounds me. Why get on a Tilt-a-Whirl (aka Virtual Tour) when there are rides like the Millennium Force (aka Video) in the same […]

Video Marketing Research – Striking Gold!

Things don’t always “pan out.” Just ask Enron. They crashed and burned. Polyester. That seemed great at the time. 8-Tracks. Baby, those were the days. As companies, fashion, and music industries strive to set the next trend, most eventually fade and become relics of history. If something is going to “pan out” there needs to […]

Luxury Real Estate Video Crime Caught on Youtube

Are you posting your luxury property videos on Youtube? If you are I don’t blame you. That is what some mass market real estate ‘experts’ are recommending. They suggest a video salvo across the web is a sure fire plan for success. Put your exclusive, prestigious property in as many places as possible they say. […]

Professional Real Estate Videos vs. the Scary Alternative

The key to Scrabble is using short game changing words. Memorizing words like tranq, qabab, and qadi gives a serious advantage when you have a Q but no U. A great aspect of the game is playing a word you know isn’t in the dictionary, but no one is confident enough to challenge you on. […]

Target Affluent Buyers with Real Estate Videos

In 585 B.C two Middle Eastern armies (the Lydians and the Medes) were locked in battle when all of a sudden…the day was turned into night. The site of the solar eclipse was so astounding both sides dropped their weapons and agreed to peace. Image thousands of soldiers about to give their lives in battle […]

4 Questions to Ask Before Getting a Real Estate Video

Using the right tool is everything. It doesn’t make sense to use a nail gun in your rose garden or a spade to hammer in a rusty nail. That’s why is so important to use the appropriate type of video for your real estate marketing. The fledgling real estate video landscape is quickly blossoming into […]

Luxury Property Videos and Youtube?

Imagine the Greek deity Atlas carrying the world on his shoulders. Quite the load even for someone with muscles the size of Africa. Now, imagine Youtube, the Atlas of internet videos. It carries the weight of millions of videos and users. Its dominance has continued following its 1.65 billion dollar Google buyout last October. According […]

Real Estate Videos; Market your Property Like LOTR

Who can doubt the grandeur of the Lord of the Rings? It has a sophisticated plot, lavish imagery, and unparalleled spiritual symbolism. I’m not talking about the movies. I’m talking about the book. I must admit, everything I know about the Lord of the Ring’s literary composition is straight from a college professor. I’ve tried […]