RE/MAX Brand Expands

RE/MAX Brand Expands in a Contracting Market with Second Keller-Williams Conversion in a 12-month Period RE/MAX Achievers to serve West Roxbury/Greater Boston Natick, MA – December 21, 2010 – A four-member Keller-Williams team in West Roxbury has recently converted to a RE/MAX office, marking the second such conversion in a 12-month period and boosting RE/MAX’s […]

Luxury real estate – Auctions on the rise


Exclusively Auctions, a leading absolute auction company with both bargain and luxury real estate home auctions, is not surprised by the recent reports of no-minimum auctions hitting $268B and MLS sales on a sharp decline.In Vail, Colorado, this year’s June MLS sales are down to about 27% compared to the total number of transactions completed […]

Using High Quality Video to Showcase Luxury Real Estate

Much as I make fun of the horrible real estate videos on YouTube, at the other end of the scale are what I consider to be appropriate quality video production. And point to the fact that informational videos can be entertaining as well as factual. LPB_BeestonMedia_512wide Description Program Description Title BM Blog LB This particular […]

Luxury Real Estate Marketing of the Future

Citi bailout doomed ?

Clearly, the luxury real estate industry is going through a “transitional,” period, and luxury real estate marketing techniques need to change accordingly. So, what does the future hold, and where best to devote ones energy in the future? Short term future of luxury real estate There are several factors to consider when looking at the […]

Luxury Real Estate Marketing Techniques – “Outside the box”

An Amtrak train in New Buffalo, Mich

Anyone who has not been living in a cave in Afghanistan for the past year will likely have noticed a “slowdown,” in the real estate market, and the high-end luxury market is not completely immune. So, it is refreshing to see a developer doing something to encourage sales that is not strictly limited to price-cutting. […]

Luxury Real Estate Marketing News – Post Credit Crunch

Halifax close 53 branches in UK

The credit crunch is affecting all but the very highest echelons of real estate, and a number of changes have been made in the world wide luxury real estate scene. Clearly the real estate market is going through some significant changes, not least of which is the reduction in numbers of agents. These are some […]

Luxury Real Estate – Video The Ultimate Marketing Tool

Many high-class luxury real estate agents and developers are turning to online video to promote their properties. Understandably, as video is obviously the way forward, not just for luxury real estate marketing, but many other types of product and services. Figures recently released by Nielsen show categorically that online video viewing is on the rise, […]

You need a blog to get ahead in real estate marketing – part three – blogs worth reading

I have talked before about the need and or usefulness of having a blog as part of your real estate marketing strategy: You need a blog to get ahead in real estate marketing Luxury property in Arkansas But, setting up the technical aspect is easy. By far the easiest part in fact. A lack of […]

Using Social Network Sites to drive traffic and links to a Real Estate Blog or Website


Now this is a hot subject in real estate marketing, luxury or otherwise. How to generate traffic to your website by using social networking sites. There appear to be more social networking sites than fleas on a dog, so the first thing to do is determine which social networking sites you are going to use […]

Luxury Real Estate Agents are Lazy Bastards ! Free Beer !


I bet that headline got your attention. I am not sure if the part about being lazy is true, or more the fact that real estate agents in general are still having trouble coming to grips with the crossover between online and offline networking. I have begged for and been given ten tickets to the […]