Video Marketing – spotlight on Williams & Williams

Tennessee Equestrian Estate

Luxury Property member Williams & Williams uses video effectively to showcase their property line-up. The 2 videos below are examples of W&W’s concise, attention-grabbing work. The first video is under 1 minute and has well timed music. The second video features the property owner, which can be a tricky format, but this one is a […]

Luxury Real Estate Videos on YouTube are a Waste of Time

I have been saying for some time now that posting poor quality luxury real estate videos on YouTube is a waste of time. I would even go so far as to say it is reputation damaging. And it looks as though the travel industry experts agree with that assessment. Michael Rosenblaum, a veteran TV producer, […]

Austin Real Estate Agent Sells Custom Lakeside Home in Five Days

I haven’t seen much good news in the luxury real estate world lately, but this one caught my attention. This is a recent press release from Kenn Renner, an Austin-based real estate agent on his success using  video to sell a home. Not so sure about the chosen venue – regular readers will know I […]

Luxury Real Estate – Video The Ultimate Marketing Tool

Many high-class luxury real estate agents and developers are turning to online video to promote their properties. Understandably, as video is obviously the way forward, not just for luxury real estate marketing, but many other types of product and services. Figures recently released by Nielsen show categorically that online video viewing is on the rise, […]

Luxury Real Estate in Tennessee – Most Expensive FSBO?

FSBO, or “For Sale by Owner,” has become a familiar word lately, but I believe I may have come across the most expensive FSBO so far – The Windyhills Estate in Chatanooga. Unless you count Donald Trump’s Palm Beach Mansion, – and he does rather have good access to a network of luxury real estate […]

Worst YouTube Real Estate Videos part 4

Continuing my quest to find the best and worst real estate videos on the internet, I came across this one using the tag “Hous for sale,” on the basis that I should find some rubbish if I looked for a mis-spelled word or two. Bingo! After I finished laughing at this one, I realized that […]

Worst YouTube Real Estate Videos part two

This week, I have two videos that suffer from the same issue. And what is the issue? I hear you cry. Simple – they are not videos. They are crappy quality slide shows. They remind me of the advertisements for Indian restaurants I used to sit through as a young man when (I don’t know […]

Worst YouTube Real Estate Videos Part one

Some one has obviously said, “The next big real estate marketing technique is going to be online video. Get ‘em while they’re hot and upload a sales video today.” I certainly agree that online video is the way to market a luxury property, but when I look through some of the videos online, I wonder […]

Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Upload Your Luxury Property To YouTube

It doesn’t take an I.Q in the genius range to see that online video is the up-coming marketing tool for just about any product and service. The rise of YouTube and hundreds of cloned versions has been nothing less than spectacular. YouTube was launched in 2005 and has since had hundreds of millions of page […]

Seth Godins Advice For Real Estate Agents

This is an excerpt from Seth Godin’s blog: “I had the good fortune to speak to a large gathering of real estate agents last week. Here’s my best advice (everyone knows an agent or two, so feel free to forward this along). Plan A: You should quit selling real estate. I’m serious. Quit being an […]