Luxury Homes in Singapore – Singapore’s Most Expensive House?

Arwaa Mansion in Singapore

Singapore’s most expensive luxury home is currently the subject of a legal wrangle between The Sultan of Brunei’s brother and Brunei’s national investment agency. In land-poor Singapore, a parcel of land of this size is extremely rare and the investment agency is attempting to wrest control of the property via the Singaporean court system, presumably […]

Luxury Real Estate in Singapore – Nassim Road: Eden in the City


Not everyone likes to live in a high-rise glass building smacked right in the middle of town. It suggests a severe lack of personal space and comfort. That’s why Nassim Road stands out in the fight for a piece of luxurious property. Hidden in the fringes of town, this exclusive area is truly a paradise […]

SOHO @ The Central: Luxurious working and living space by the river

SOHO @ Central

Knock off work at 5:00PM. Reach home at 5:03PM. Think that’s impossible? Think again. Meet SOHO, Small Office Home Office a concept development by the Clarke Quay riverbank in downtown Singapore. Combining classy office features with luxurious lifestyle within one unit, you could be at work and at play any time you want. As the […]

Celebrating Art In Downtown Singapore


Attention, all you art buffs out there! Here’s a chance for you to live close to the arts. The arty farty island of Singapore hosts brilliant fine arts exhibitions and performances all year round! In fact, we love the arts so much we build luxurious designer condominiums near the theatres and galleries. Just imagine having […]

Night Life In Downtown Singapore

night life

It is ten o’clock at night. Time for bed? Not here in downtown Singapore where the night is still young and the fun has just begun! Night life in Singapore is ever-vibrant as crowds are drawn towards sophisticated clubs and swing bars. As a haven of luxurious shopping and dining, these establishments also stay open […]

Shopping Extravaganza In Downtown Singapore


Shop, shop, shop! Shop till you drop! For those fashionistas out there who fancy retail therapy on both good days and bad, Singapore will satiate your vainest desires. Lauded as the shopping haven of Southeast Asia, we carry various luxury brands. We are also home to talented local designers who have their works recognized internationally. […]

Eating out in Singapore: A luxurious affair

Fine Dining

Deciding on where to dine for the night in downtown Singapore could be a difficult task. In a metropolitan city with both luxurious international restaurants and authentic local flavors, you would be spoilt for choice! The good news is, expatriates living in prime districts could enjoy cuisine from local and abroad, including delights from wherever […]

Luxury lifestyle and vibrant economy: The Indonesian Chinese Community in Singapore!

Singapore Skyline at Night

Over the years, the Indonesian Chinese community in Singapore has grown and expanded into considerable force. This group of hardworking and innovative expatriates appreciates the wonderful life on the island nation because such standard of living is something that they may not receive back in Indonesia. Singapore Prime Districts discusses the reasons that attract and […]

Orchard Road: High-End Shopping Belt of Singapore.

Tell somebody that you live in Orchard area and you will instantly be recognised as a member of Singapore’s elite. Recent developments of retail space and condominiums in Orchard bring it closer to established metropolitan stars like New York and Hong Kong, with an entire stretch of high-end shopping malls and luxurious private residences Not […]

Why Singapore and Why Now?

It seems as though everyone wants a piece of Singapore right now. The city state is undergoing a facelift, causing more people than ever to invest in its booming property market. With ambitious plans to transform its downtown area into a prime vacation spot and international financial centre, Singapore is bound to attract much global […]