Worst YouTube Real Estate Videos part 4

Continuing my quest to find the best and worst real estate videos on the internet, I came across this one using the tag “Hous for sale,” on the basis that I should find some rubbish if I looked for a mis-spelled word or two. Bingo!

After I finished laughing at this one, I realized that this is not actually a “House for sale,” video. This is supposed to be a demo video by a company offering to make a video of your house for sale. Good grief! That’s correct. This is a demonstration of just how good a real estate video can be. I almost feel sorry enough for these people to add a link to their site. Almost.

Some real estate videos on youtube are bad enough, but this person is actually encouraging people to shoot them like this. This is almost painful to watch. The opening shot is of a car for goodness’ sake. Not really very appropriate unless the car is included in the sale. Of course, there is no soundtrack (unless you count the occasional bird chirping in the background) so I have no idea if that is supposed to be the case.

To who ever shot this video. I have one word for you:


And if you can’t afford a tripod, Johnny Chung Lee will show you how to make your own steadycam for $14.

If you are interested in seeing just how good a real estate video can be, take a look at these:

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